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What is

The Plan?

Performance, aesthetics, longevity? Whatever your personal goals are, I am dedicated to creating a plan that best suits your specific goals while allowing you to live your best life in the process.

I started taking my nutrition seriously in Jun 2017. I started working with a coach and fell in love!


It was not until later in my journey that I realized that the coach I was working with did not have my best interests. I started stressing about my food, avoiding social situations, hormones were unbalanced and I was going to bed for dinner. NOT. OKAY.


After 10 months of shenanigans, I switched to a different coach who confirmed that I was being under fed and made it easier to live my life while, still being able to reach my goals in the gym.


Wherever you are in your journey, and wherever you going I want to help you get there!

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