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I worked with Katie for 6 months and it has changed my life forever. I went from being tired all the time and not really wanting to get ready to leave the house to having more energy than ever and the confidence to finally wear those skinny jeans again.

By doing my weekly check-ins with Katie, not only was it good for accountability but also for my state of mind. On the days I was tired or having anxiety she would look at my food log and immediately adjust my diet accordingly.

I used to work out 5 day a week and “eat healthy”with no results at all. In the first couple of weeks with Katie the results were unreal. My workouts were the best they have ever been and my energy level was insane.

She also taught me it’s not always important what the scales says but more how you feel physically and mentally.

Working with Katie has forever changed my way of eating and the way I look at food!! For that I am forever grateful!!

/// Jenny Foster


“My experience with Simple K Nutrition is so much more than weight loss. The amount of knowledge and experience gained is indispensable. Katie is an accomplished athlete, a straightforward coach, and an uncompromising goal reacher.


I couldn’t be more proud of the progress I’ve made with performance, confidence, and my relationship with food, and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my coach”

/// Kris Walls

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I have been working with Katie for 8 months, and this is the longest I have committed to a coach, a program, and to myself. I have had tried several other nutritional programs before finding Simply K nutrition, and had no success maintaining them after a month or too. I gave the same effort, but they weren’t sustainable and my goals weren’t attainable through their approaches. 

Katie has worked with me through many different goals. When I began, I simply wanted to “look the part” of an athlete. I wanted my time spent in the gym to be reflected on my appearance. Then, Katie and I transitioned into focusing on my overall health. This is what made Katie stand out against the previous certified nutritional coaches I had encountered. We discovered I had an underlying gut issue, poor stress management, and poor hormone health - things that are essential to a healthy lifestyle! We continued to work together and build up my calorie intake to “maintenance calories,” (feel free to define that here if you think / like ?). This was a new experience for me - because previous coaches/programs had me begin a “cut phase” before even building me up or preparing me for it. 

Katie is real, honest, supportive, and compassionate. She’s not 100% perfect and doesn’t expect any of her clients to be, but she also doesn’t tolerate many excuses. There’s always an option to live a healthier lifestyle. Simply K Nutrition is the only program I recommend to my friends, family, and anyone else looking for a nutritional coach. 

///Nina LoCasio

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