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Hey there! Guess what? I did a thing. I created an Ebook! That is honestly something I thought I would never do or see myself doing! But, I always found myself looking for better ways to "doctor down," recipes in order to make them work better into my daily calories, without blowing them all in one sitting. Well, here is a compilation of those said recipes! 

Need some appetizers for a holiday party? I got you. Like donuts for breakfast? Awesome, there is a recipe in there for those. Are you a basic b*itch who loves all things pumpkin spice. Scroll all the way down to the dessert section and you'll find a pumpkin cheesecake. *Gasp* 

Whatever it is I think there is something in here for you to try! As always I love and appreciate all of your support. I look forward to you guys LOVING this macro friendly Ebook.

Chat soon,


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