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Got Candida Overgrowth?

Well, it has been a minute since I've written a full blog post. I made it a goal to make 2 blog posts per month in January and well, that fell apart. But, I'm ready to get back to it. I'm just trying to work on social media in general. I have all these things I want to educate people on but, I know DAMN well that no one actually reads the uber long IG post. I know I don't. If the body of the post covers the entire screen that's probably not happening. So, I still want to make education posts but, if it interests someone they can read about it here instead of it taking up their entire IG feed.

Candida can be a pesky bitch. If you're not aware, Candida has been recognized by the CDC as one of the most common infections in the United States. It effects 25,000 people every year. Candida is a yeast that lives in the body. At normal levels the yeats in non-problematic. But, when overgrowth it occurs it can become an infection. Candida is kept at bay by the health bacteria in your body and more specifically in your gut.

Candida Overgrowth can be caused by:


-A diet high in sugar and refined carbs

-High alcohol intake

-Weakened immune system

-Oral contraceptives


-High stress

Symptoms include:

-Oral thrush: lesion in the mouth or throat

-Tiredness and Fatigue

-Recurring UTI's

-Digestive issues due to bacteria imbalance

-Sinus infections

How to treat it:

The best way to treat Candida is through diet. Refined carbs, high sugar, and lactose can cause Candida to grow. Too many of these foods promotes infections and suppresses immune system. A few foods that help fight Candida:


-Coconut/Coconut Oil






Someone could also benefit from following a FODMAP protocol if evidence of Candida is present.


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