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What is it?

Macro University is a 4-week long program intended to educate those new to tracking on the basics of counting macros. Not sure what a macronutrient is? Well, this is the right program for you!


During the four weeks you will learn:

  1. What macronutrients are and examples of each

  2. Why they're important

  3. How to keep track of them

  4. Why keeping track can benefit you

  5. Meal prep tips and recipes

  6. Learn tools to help reach your goals not just 4 weeks from now but, 4 years from now. 

What you will get over the four weeks:

1. You will be added to a Facebook group where I will do 2 videos each week:​

  • Week 1: Protein, Carbs, and Fats 101

  • Week 1: My Fitness Pal 101

  • Week 2: Common Tracking Mistakes & Alcohol

  • Week 2: Stress Management

  • Week 3: Reverse Dieting Interview

  • Week 3: Live Food Prep & Diet Culture

  • Week 4: Food for Performance Interview

  • Week 4: How to navigate Travel, Restaurants, and Parties

2. Weekly recipes will be shared in the group

3. Weekly accountability texts

4. Support from other group members

5. Everyone in the group is on the same page as you. You will have freedom to ask questions without judgment!

6. Baseline education to get yourself started on the right path towards your goals!

What you will NOT get:

  1. I will not provide you with a detailed macro prescription

  2. I will not give you a meal plan

  3. I will not do the work FOR YOU!

  4. An easy way out

This program is meant to create the framework and knowledge for you to keep working towards your nutrition goals well after the 4 weeks is completed. The cost of the four weeks is $79. If you feel you need more help past the 4 weeks you can either continue into the next 4 week session or continue with 1on1 nutrition coaching.

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